$ systemctl start cv.service

  :-) ...            5chdn / something with computers

    $ uname -a
  born, raised, and still living in berlin; my kids call me afri

    $ detex ~/cv.tex | grep -A2 -i "education" | tail -n2 | sort -d
  b.sc. in applied computer sciences, environmental informatics, simulation
  m.sc. in computer graphics systems, geoinformation sciences, visualization

    $ detex ~/cv.tex | grep -A6 -i "experience" | tail -n6 | sort -d
  backend developer, programmer
  decentralized systems, peer-to-peer, blockchain
  linux system administration, it operations, devops
  radio station technology, streaming, scheduling, automation
  software engineering, development, deployment
  technical communication, community management

    $ detex ~/cv.tex | grep -A7 -i "worked\ for" | tail -n7 | sort -d
  abgeordnetenwatch (parlamentwatch e.v.)
  german federal office for radiation protection (bundesamt)
  hasso plattner institute (gmbh)
  hochschule für technik und wirtschaft berlin (aör)
  motion intelligence (gmbh)
  parity technologies (ltd)
  votesapp (stimmungsapp n.e.v.)

    $ top -bn1
  member of ccc, eff, fiff, fsfe, gi. moderator at ethereum.se, r/ethereum

    $ vim ~/.profile
  more details (and css) at stackoverflow, github, keybase, twitter.
  contact me via telegram, signal, wire, xmpp/otr fingerprint varies
  contact me via mail/pgp fingerprint pub 4096r/16793200 (key)
             0cf0 851e d075 bf86 3d8f 9b44 a22f 3903 1679 3200

  i don't use facebook, whatsapp, skype, threema, slack, or discord. no cats
  had to be pictured for this site. magically works without css and javascript.

    $ _